Designing & Altering Jewelry to Your Taste

Create the perfect piece of custom jewelry with Gusterman’s. You can count on us for unique jewelry design as well as alteration services. Contact us if you have any questions.

Consultation & Custom Design

If you have an idea for a custom piece or would like to alter an existing piece we will help bring your ideas to life, meet with us for a consultation. Drawing on a range of inspirations, we can design a piece for a special event or any look you want, doing all the work on site. If you can conceive it, we can build it.

Step 1: Design & Model

Custom jewelry is unique, innovative, and timeless. Start with a rough idea and we will help guide you along the way in creating a piece that is yours alone. We listen to you and create a wax mold so you can visualize the end result. Changes can be applied to the wax until the piece is perfect. The wax mold pictured features a rounded band and setting specifically made to bring more light into the stone.

Step 2: Manufacture

After the wax mold is perfect, it is cast using the metal of your choosing. We typically cast pieces in gold, silver, and platinum and can combine the metals to create a unique piece. The freshly cast ring pictured features a yellow gold band with a white gold setting to perfectly complement the diamond.

Step 3: Finish & Perfect

Freshly cast metal is rough and lacks the shine and polish needed to make a ring pop with brilliance. Polishing is a three step process using several polishing elements to smooth the surface and make the metal shine. Once the metal is polished, the stone is set and finished by touching up any areas. This final diamond two -toned gold ring is ready for its owner.

Jewelry Alterations

If you have inherited antique jewelry or have an older piece you don’t wear, think about transforming the piece into something more useful and enjoyable. We help you develop ideas and make the changes necessary so you can enjoy the jewelry you own. We can also make a few changes to update the styling while allowing the piece to keep its intended use. Our services include converting:

  • Changing Earring Attachments
  • Converting Rings Into Pendant Necklaces
  • Converting Pendants Into Rings
  • Converting Brooches Into Earrings
  • Converting Antique Coins Into Rings
  • Converting Earrings Into Cufflinks
  • Designing Jewelry Around Precious Stones
  • Restring Pearls, Beads, including Squash Blossom Necklaces