Meet Our Artists


Mary Eckels

The owner of Gusterman's since 1978, Mary began her artistic career in 1970 as an apprentice to Astrid Gusterman. Over the years, she has applied the strong foundation of design and critique taught by Astrid to transform customers' dreams into finished pieces of art. Mary's designs fit a broad range of lifestyles and reflect the personality and sensibility of the individual. She has gathered an extensive collection of gems and minerals to complement the original nature of these designs. The combination of unique stones and years of experience result in objects and gemstone jewelry that stand the test of time.

Although traditionally trained as a silversmith, Mary has continued her education in natural stones, gold, and platinum. Some examples of her success are: a first place award in the platinum guild competition of 1998, a commission to complete the yellow gold ring of office for the bishop of the Episcopal Archdiocese of Colorado, and her use of a star sapphire orb in a ring/pendant for an invitational show at the Faber gallery in New York. Mary's experience and drive to broaden her knowledge, move forward in design, and accept new challenges is evident in her passionate and open approach to customers' designs. Mary enjoys the process involved in creating personal objects for wear or display in styles that are traditional, commercial, original, artistic, or functional. She is available for jewelry consultation by appointment or e-mail.


Jamie McLandsborough

Jamie McLandsborough

Jamie has been working with Gusterman's since 2003. He was first introduced to jewelry in 1994 and has since sought out information and mentors in the jewelry and sculptural field to build a range of skills that he brings to his creative work. His use of new technologies fused with his background in traditional techniques allow him to create original designs that are graceful and strong. He is adept at translating customers' verbal requests into material reality and is a skilled repair jeweler who enjoys challenging assignments. Jamie is a strong addition to the tradition established and maintained at Gusterman's throughout the years. He is available for consultation by appointment every Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-5:30



Alex Boyd

Born to a family of artists, Alex's earliest memories are of making things with his hands. In his early career, he explored various 3-D media. He narrowed his focus to metal work after an apprenticeship with local jeweler Ira Sherman and studying with several other skilled metalsmiths. He began working for Gusterman's in 2009. His work is a meditation on materials and their limits. All his pieces are produced by hand using techniques that are centuries old. His objects contain an energy and dynamism unobtainable through any other means. His work is displayed in the Larimer Square shop and he is available for design consultation by appointment.


Jamie Spears

Jamie Spears

Jamie Spears has been working at Gusterman Silversmiths since 1997. Her passion for jewelry began in the 1960’s when she learned bead work to relieve stress while working as a psychotherapist. Since that time she has been developing her skills in jewelry design and repair and continues to provide her skills in beading, pearl knotting, and Native American restoration.

She feels strongly that the finish work on a piece of art is crucial to its beauty. Her designs are simple and strong. In recent years she has entered her work in several competitions and has won first place and best in show.