Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Gusterman’s creates unique one-of-a-kind engagement rings that symbolize love and represent personal lifestyle. Our artists in Denver, Colorado, patiently work with you throughout the entire process. Once we have a design, we create a wax mold and cast the ring in the metal of your choosing as described on our jewelry design page.

Choosing Your Diamond or Special Gemstone

Traditionally diamonds are used in engagement rings but we are experts in all gemstones. The high refraction index of diamonds gives them extraordinary sparkle, brilliance, and scintillation, and they come in 12 conventional cuts. Many fiancées have a preference or maybe a family stone they wish to incorporate into their design. Let us help you invent a wedding set unique to you.

Stone Setting

With more than 50 years of experience, Gusterman’s has used many creative methods to set stones. We help you choose the setting style that is secure, follows the style of the band, and best showcases the stones. In addition to popular setting styles such as pave, channel, bezel, and prong settings, we create custom stone settings per your description. For example carved hands, twigs, and other unusual shapes can be used to set stones.

Broad Design

Whether we start with a diamond or setting preference, we often sketch design options with clients to provide a visualization of their engagement ring. Wedding bands can be subtle and plain to allow the diamond to get attention or be intricate and detailed showing rare design aspects.